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Master Nexus formerly known as Master Natural Herbal Sdn Bhd is built on the fundamental to provide better lifestyle achievable through “cost-effective, relatively easy to provide” and delivers ‘incredible financial returns to communities’.

Advancing towards the 21st-century technology, we are confident to establish a blueprint in developing our network internationally, bringing wealth and happiness to associates and together we built “A Better Tomorrow”.

We started the business from Tongkat Ali sliced in 2013. The feedback from our customers was very encouraging, which had given our directors the confidence to do more as they truly believed in the product.

In 2014 April 22, Master Natural Herbal had the opportunity to work together with University Technology Malaysia (UTM) in Research and Development (R&D) for P20, Tongkat Ali Capsule and Kacip Fatimah Capsule.

In terms of helping people to create and maintain a healthy lifestyle, we have been sending out our product peptides to diabetic patients, and the results are very encouraging. The product is really able to help them in having a better life.

As an aggressive, idealistic and strategic direct selling company, market developing not enough for our business. We need more exposures for our products as well as the company.

Master Nexus use Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) concept to spreading our product to every corner of the world. Besides use our product for their health, they also can make money from it. We reward others for selling products and helping others they sponsor to do the same. Their rewards grow with their business.

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